Code of Cooperation

Magnet's Code of Cooperation

Magnet Logistics Network’s primary and main goal is to provide transformational networking services for our members aiming into creating professional and friendly work environment among our alliance.

In order to facilitate and allow collaboration along with reducing any unnecessary procedures and process that lead into inefficiency and time wasting, our members are highly requested to follow the below binding rules;

Operational Regulations

  • ​​Most favored forwarder policy is to be applied when dealing with any Magnet member which guarantees best rates among the group.
  • Demonstrate high level of integrity, unity, transparency and accountability.
  • Strive to offer first class services along with time commitment.
  • Respond to all communications from members promptly within 24 hours.
  • Follow collaborative dispute resolution process.

Financial Rules

  • Payment procedures are to be clearly stated by both parties prior to the provision of the requested services.
  • Members are obliged to pay their financial liabilities to meet the payment deadline.

Membership Responsibilities:

  • ​Respond to all surveys and communications from MLN promptly considered as an indicator of members’ effectiveness.
  • ​Attend annual Magnet Meetings to enhance and boost collective collaboration among our unity. Missing two consecutive events may lead into revising the membership by the selection panel.
  • ​Send all needed reports on time.
  • ​Respect for the network and the members as well.
  • ​Ensure equity among the group by the network and members as well.