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Getting Started with Magnet

Common Questions

Any free or trial period membership

No free tiers, but 1st-year members get awesome perks! We prioritize quality connections (not just numbers) for a diverse & compatible network. Our focus? Member satisfaction (91.47% last year, aiming for 95%!). Membership fee acts as a commitment indicator, ensuring serious players who value building relationships.

Any payment protection plan

Yes, we offer our Magnet Money Insurance covers your member-to-member payments within the group. Coverage increases with your membership level: Shinny members get up to $10,000 USD, while Glorious members are covered up to $20,000 USD. And the best part? This valuable protection is a completely free service included in your Magnet annual membership!

Business Volume in our group

While we can't disclose individual business volumes, Magnet's innovative request systems have seen a remarkable 49.5% increase in group activity compared to last year. Our goal is to reach a 99.5% increase by year-end. For insights and monthly reports, contact us at info@m-ln.com.

Do you host an annual event?

Yes, we do! Our annual event is an exclusive onsite experience held at a luxurious 5-star deluxe hotel chain. We're committed to delivering the best quality at the lowest cost compared to other market events. Please note that event attendance is not covered by the membership fee.

Building Valuable Connections (Membership):


  • Proven Experience:Minimum of 1 year of verified experience in freight forwarding.
  • Financial Strength:We prioritize financially stable partners for a secure network.


  • Domain Knowledge:Showcase your in-depth knowledge and skills in specific areas like NVOCC, LCL, FCL, etc.
  • Business Growth:Demonstrate your ability to drive business collaborations within the Magnet network.

To check in full click here.

  •  Coverage and Total Members: We cover 65+ countries with around 130 members with 353 offices spread globally. To check our interactive map please click here.
  • Respecting Member Privacy:Due to GDPR regulations and our commitment to data privacy, we cannot share detailed member information publicly.
  • Member List Option:However, we’d be happy to send you a list of our members via email (info@m-ln.com). This list will include basic information such as company name and country, allowing you to identify potential partners within the network.

Magnet Tech Logistics Hub prioritizes a focused membership structure to ensure high-value connections.

  • Small & Medium Countries:We accept a single member per country, representing each major port type (sea, air, inland).
  • Large Countries (India, USA, UK, China):Membership is limited to one member per region, again covering all key port types.

This approach guarantees strong request activity within each region and port type, maximizing the return on investment for our members.

Our Magnet Unique Selling Points:

  • Budget-Friendly Fees:Magnet offers competitive membership fees, making valuable connections more accessible. We’re the only network with this affordability and allowing one member per port type in smaller and medium countries.
  • Payment Protection Without Trust Fund:Unlike some networks, Magnet’s payment protection plan requires no member deposits, ensuring peace of mind with a cost-effective solution.
  • Magnet Money Maker: The Industry’s First Unlimited Rewards Program!This incentivizes active participation of Magnet Members offering unlimited rewards. Unlock valuable discounts or even free membership for top performance. There are no limits – the more you engage, the more you benefit!

Knowledge for All, Insights for Members:

  • Free Global Logistics News & Studies:Stay informed with expert-curated content accessible to all forwarders, even non-members.
  • Magnet Members only Get More Insights & Reports:As a member, you gain access to even deeper insights and a wider range of reports, empowering you to navigate the logistics landscape with confidence.

Experience & Expertise:

  • Magnet Tech Logistics Hub prioritizes quality and efficiency within its network. While the minimum experience requirement is 1 year, the majority of members boast extensive experience, with many having over 15 years in the logistics industry. This ensures you’ll be connecting with seasoned professionals.

Focus on Medium & Large Businesses:

  • The network primarily consists of medium to large-sized freight forwarders, many with multiple international headquarters. This fosters connections with established players who can contribute significant experience and resources to the network.

Tailored Approach:

  • Magnet’s selective membership structure, with one member per country per port type (sea, air, inland) for smaller and medium countries, guarantees strong request activity within each region. This ensures you’ll be connecting with the most relevant and qualified partners for your specific needs.
  • While we can’t disclose the exact average company size, the focus on medium to large businesses and the emphasis on experience paint a clear picture of a well-established and qualified network.

Step 1: Express Your Interest

  • Simply complete our quick online registration form here. It takes just 3 minutes!
  • Our dedicated team will reach out within 24 hours to answer any questions and ensure a smooth onboarding process.

Step 2: Showcase Your Expertise 

  • Following your initial inquiry, we’ll securely send you a personalized email outlining the required documentation. This typically includes proof of your legal standing, expertise in the logistics field, and any additional supporting materials that may be necessary.
  • We prioritize both efficiency and privacy. Our streamlined review process ensures a quick turnaround while upholding the highest security standards for your information.

Step 3: Welcome to the Magnet Network! 

  • Once approved, you’ll receive your personalized membership invoice. Upon completing your payment, you’ll receive a warm welcome email officially inducting you into the network!

We provide a comprehensive suite of tech products to enhance your membership experience. These include:

  • Members’ Corner: A dedicated platform for seamless communication, data extraction, access to updates. etc.
  • Admin Mode Access: Empowering you with control over specific functionalities and settings within your membership.
  • Unlimited View Access: Ensuring your team has unrestricted access to essential resources and information.

Moreover, we’re continuously adding new features to further enrich your experience. To assist in navigating these tech products effectively, we offer tutorial videos to our members. These step-by-step guides walk you through each feature comprehensively, ensuring you maximize the benefits of your membership.

Additionally, as a member, you’ll benefit from:

  • Cost-Saving Logistics Solutions:

Through our extensive network of partners, Magnet Tech Logistics Hub offers exclusive discounts on various logistics and freight technologies. This can significantly reduce your operational expenses and optimize your supply chain.

Magnet Tech Logistics Hub offers a transparent approach to membership fees. Our membership fees remain consistent year after year, with potential adjustments only in unforeseen circumstances like global inflation or the implementation of new regulations or taxes impacting our Dubai or Egypt headquarters.

  • Magnet Money Maker:

While traditional renewal discounts aren’t offered, we incentivize continued membership through our innovative Magnet Money Maker program. Earn rewards for every shipment you get handled within the network. With each shipment you send in our group, you accumulate credit (USD 25 per shipment), effectively translating to a USD 250 discount for every 10 shipments handled. This program rewards active participation and fosters stronger connections within the Magnet network.

Is this an incentive to boost your network activity? We certainly hope so!

Absolutely! Magnet Tech Logistics Hub recognizes the interconnectedness of the global logistics landscape. Through our innovative Ayudame Initiative, we extend a helping hand to all forwarders, regardless of membership status.

Here’s How We Empower the Global Freight Community:

  • Free Support, Global Reach:The Ayudame Initiative provides completely free access to our network’s expertise. Need help finding a reliable partner for an out-of-realm shipment? We’ve got you covered.
  • M-Pact Standards Guaranteed:Whether you’re a member or not, the Ayudame Initiative ensures your cargo receives the highest level of service. Our M-Pact approach guarantees adherence to strict quality and efficiency standards.
  • Seamless Matchmaking, Dedicated Support:Our experienced Member Relations team acts as your personal logistics concierge. Simply fill out a quick form here, and we’ll connect you with a top-tier forwarder within our global network. We’ll even follow up to ensure a smooth and successful experience.

Magnet Tech Logistics Hub believes that a rising tide lifts all boats. By supporting the entire freight forwarding community, we contribute to a more efficient and reliable global logistics network.

Trust & Excellence (Quality & Trust):

At Magnet Tech Logistics Hub, we’re committed to fostering a trusted and reliable environment for all members. This commitment is backed by our rigorous M-Pact Quality Assurance Program.

Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Strict Member Selection:Our Membership Compliance and Legal Committee meticulously vets each applicant to ensure they meet our stringent criteria and uphold our high standards.
  • Ongoing Monitoring:We don’t stop at selection. Our dedicated Member Relations team conducts regular assessments to monitor internal network activities and ensure continued compliance.
  • Comprehensive Review:Our quality assurance program encompasses legal aspects, blacklist checks, and thorough risk management measures, leaving no stone unturned.

Through this multi-layered approach, we guarantee a secure and high-performing network environment for all members.

The Code of Cooperation outlines the expectations and responsibilities of all members within the Magnet Tech Logistics Hub. It essentially acts as a set of guidelines that govern two key aspects:

  1. Member-Network Relationship
  2. Member-to-Member Interactions

The Code of Cooperation helps ensure a fair, productive, and trustworthy environment for all members of the Magnet Tech Logistics Hub. Check the Code of cooperation in full here.

At Magnet Tech Logistics Hub, we believe in celebrating the achievements of our members. We recognize the dedication it takes to excel in today’s competitive logistics landscape. Here’s how we acknowledge and reward top performers:

  • Ongoing Member Engagement:Our dedicated Member Relations team maintains regular contact with members, fostering a collaborative environment and identifying success stories.
  • Transparent Recognition:Every month, we highlight top-performing members in a comprehensive report. This report showcases excellence across various areas of professionalism, ensuring a well-rounded assessment.
  • Data-Driven Recognition:Our recognition system goes beyond mere frequency of activity. We consider factors like successful cargo handling rates, positive client feedback, and efficient communication within the network. This ensures recognition reflects true performance and impact.

Benefits of Top-Performer Recognition:

  • Industry Recognition
  • Enhanced Visibility
  • Motivation and Inspiration

By acknowledging and rewarding top performers, Magnet Tech Logistics Hub fosters a culture of continuous improvement and celebrates the valuable contributions of its members to the network’s success.

At Magnet Network, we value our long-term members and their commitment to our network. The Glorious Membership tier recognizes your dedication and provides an elevated level of protection for your business.

Qualifying for Glorious Membership:

  • Loyalty is Key:This exclusive tier is reserved for members who have maintained a continuous membership for five consecutive years.
  • Renew Your Commitment:Upon reaching the five-year mark, simply renew your membership for the sixth year to unlock Glorious Membership benefits.

Benefits of Glorious Membership:

  • Enhanced Payment Protection:Enjoy peace of mind with increased payment protection of up to USD 20,000 annually, at no additional cost. This provides an extra layer of security for your financial transactions within the network.

Same Core Benefits: You’ll continue to enjoy all the valuable benefits associated with your current Magnet Network membership

Exclusive Networking Opportunities (Meet Up):

The Magnet Tech Logistics Hub Annual Meeting is usually held from September 3rd to 5th. The location for the event is determined each year through a member survey to pick the best-suited country. This ensures our members have a say in where the meeting takes place.

The Annual Magnet Meet Up is a premier event designed to foster collaboration and engagement within our network. While attendance is not mandatory, it offers numerous benefits for members:

  • Strengthen Relationships:Build stronger connections with fellow members, network face-to-face, and develop valuable business partnerships.
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve:Gain insights into industry trends, learn about new technologies, and discover innovative solutions to enhance your logistics operations.
  • Shape the Future:Participate in discussions and contribute your ideas to help us shape the direction of the Magnet Tech Logistics Hub and ensure it continues to meet your evolving needs.

The Importance of Active Participation:

While membership renewal decisions are multifaceted, consistent engagement plays a significant role in demonstrating your commitment to the network’s core values of trust and personal connection. We thrive on active participation and collaboration. Regular engagement, including attending events when possible, signifies your active involvement in building these vital connections.

Absolutely! Magnet Network encourages bringing your team to the Annual Meeting to maximize the benefits of this valuable event.

Here’s how you can leverage our participation incentives:

  • Cost Savings:We offer a discount on the registration fee for your second delegate, and an even greater discount for the third delegate from your company. This makes it more economical to bring your team and gain diverse perspectives.
  • Broader Network, More Business Potential:Instead of limited one-on-one interactions, your team can connect with a wider range of attendees, fostering new partnerships and uncovering potential business opportunities reaching higher ROI.
  • Additional Incentives:We offer exciting incentives for increased participation. These may include early-bird discounts for registering multiple delegates or bonus access to exclusive marketing resources. Be sure to check the latest event information for the full list of incentives.

Absolutely! At Magnet Meet Up, we believe in blending morning business opportunities with nights of leisure experiences, so feel free to bring along your spouse or companion. We extend a warm welcome to your family, offering highly reduced fees for shared accommodations and granting access to our sumptuous buffet breakfasts, lunches, and lively parties. Additionally, we offer the option to join our team-building day, a full-day excursion in the event’s country. It’s not just about networking; it’s about immersing yourself in an experience tailored to meet your needs, with our team as your guides. We don’t just see ourselves as a business network; we see ourselves as a global family, united by our shared passion for logistics and freight forwarding.

Not at all! While our event team diligently negotiates with hotels to secure the best deals and make 5-star accommodations affordable for our attendees, you’re not required to stay at the same hotel as the event. If you have a specific hotel in mind that better suits your preferences or needs, you’re free to make your own arrangements.

Absolutely! Your promotional materials are not just welcomed but encouraged at our event! Feel free to share them directly with participants or pass them on to our team for wider distribution

Our meeting scheduler opens up 15 days before the event, ensuring that over 90% of attendees are already listed, minimizing last-minute changes. These brief, 20-minute one to one meetings are easily scheduled using our user-friendly application, available on iPhone, Android, and web platforms. And don’t worry if you’re new to our system – we provide step-by-step tutorial videos to guide you through the process seamlessly.

Streamlined Payment & Transparency (Payment and Refund):

To settle your Magnet invoices (whether for membership or events), we exclusively accept payment via bank transfer to our accounts in Dubai or Egypt. Additionally, we may consider Western Union transfers on a case-by-case basis.

Rest assured, there are no hidden fees or additional charges after you’ve paid the full invoice. Your payment covers all agreed-upon services, and there won’t be any surprises. However, if you require additional services beyond what was initially invoiced, we’ll send you a new invoice for those specific services.

Unfortunately, our policy dictates that the annual membership fee is non-refundable. We advise our members to carefully consider their commitment before proceeding with payment.

While each venue and service provider may have their own refund policies, we aim to minimize losses in case of unforeseen cancellations related to accommodations, venues, hotel contracts, dinners, and other event services.


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