Frequently asked questions


These FAQs are here to enhance your understanding and to respond recurring questions about MLN.

Should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us on or chat with us instantely. One of our team will be glad to help you.

Magnet Logistics Network is a neutral network which drives a new modal of networking services aiming into achieving 100% members’ satisfaction via our different and unique services as follow;
  • Membership Exclusivity per country basis.
  • Magnet Meeting.
  • Magnet Money Maker.
  • Magnet Money Insurance.
  • Magnet Marketing Campaigns.
  • Magnetize new business opportunities and partnerships.

Magnet Logistics Network is glad to announce our Magnet Money Insurance program that will protect your payment up to 20.000 USD per each member annually. Since we only choose and recruit best forwarders we offer them payment insurance program in order to guarantee the payment and to protect them from any dis liability issues when dealing between members only.

The Magnet Money Maker is free and special designed program to guarantee the activeness of all our members and to stimulate collaboration among our unity. We provide the members with a loyalty program which is the best cost cutting program depending on the more you are loyal and work within the unity the more points that you get accordingly. These points are to be redeemed into meaningful rewards.
In an attempt to select best forwarders to be MLN representatives, we would like to welcome any freight company with the below qualifications to be a member in our network;
  • An active forwarder with minimum 1 year of experience in sea, ocean freight or air freight.
  • Not to be blacklisted in Freight Deadbeat, FDRS, or any global and trusted institution.
  • Be capable to handle all members’ cargo requests professionally in the chosen port type and country.
  • Be able to generate new business opportunities among MLN members.
Interested forwarders may fill our registration form and one of the selection panel will be contacting them within 24 hours to go through the selection process which takes 5 working days.
Our members only are welcomed to use their username and password to access our listings to make sure that all requests via our website is trusted and from forwarders which had undergone to selection process.
As a part from our benefits, we offer special rates for our members to attend Magnet Meetings. We expect that all our members attend our summits to promote strong relations, ties, friendships and partnerships.

The member who misses two consecutive events, his membership might be revised by the selection Panel.

These meetings are held to get closer ties, partnerships and friendships as well. The aim is to have one to one meetings with all members in order to open up new channels of collaboration.

You will get the benefit of travelling to one country and meet hundreds of forwarders from all over the world, instead of travelling to country to have only a partner from it.

As we offer our members a new experience of networking services inclusive of marketing campaigns and many other benefits, we are sorry to inform you that there is no trail period. We believe that one month is a short time to know all the members and to get benefits from all our services.

MLN policy is to select one member per each port type per country in order to prevent any kind of competition and to stimulate cooperation among the unity. We believe that quality is better than quantity. You may be a member in another network with bigger number of forwarders, but accordingly your percentage to have the request it depends on the number of competing companies. For example, if there is a cargo request from USA to China and the network has 30 members; the forwarder will send requests to the 30 companies and get the lowest price.

On contrary to have 1 member per each port type per country, the forwarder will send you only the request. Then the other member will give best rate in accordance with most favored forwarder policy.

Additionally, we think that there will make no difference between global fierce competition and the group if we accept many forwarders per country.

MLN is glad to offer 2 free personalized and digital campaigns for each member to increase business for our members.
This code of cooperation is a set of regulations that organize the process between members to guarantee best business environment.
MLN never accepts low-quality members so there is a selection panel that checks the reputation, financial status, activeness and professionalism of registered companies to make sure that they meet our high-standards.