Magnet Money Maker

Magnet Money Maker

One of our key responsibilities is to stimulate the Inter-Magnet group’s collaboration and integration so we provide the members with a loyalty program which is the best cost cutting program depending on the more you are loyal and work within the unity the more points that you will get accordingly. These points are to be redeemed into meaningful rewards.

3M Program Rules

  • Points’ validity is 1 year from earning date.
  • Only when having 1500 points, you shall redeem them.
  • Different alternatives are offered on redemption.
Money Maker

3M Program Structure

Magnet Member (0-1 year):      each spent 10 USD, you get 1 point.

Shiny Magnet Member (+1):     each spent 5 USD, you gain 1 point.

Glorious Magnet Member (+5):  each spent 1 USD, 1 point will be gained.

Ways to Earn Points

  • Work with any Magnet member.​
  • Pay Magnet meetings Fees.
  • Pay membership renewal fees.
  • Be a Magnet Sponsor.
  • Refer our network to trustful forwarders.