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Magnet Meetings connected logistics & freight forwarding leaders, fostering long-lasting partnerships and igniting business growth.


Past events sparked success stories.

Will yours be next?

Calling all logistics and freight forwarding companies! Join Magnet Meet Up 2024, happening September 3rd through 5th in Istanbul, Turkey. This immersive event offers a unique blend of business opportunities and cultural exploration.


Magnet Meeting 2023:

Magnet’s latest gathering, held November 21st-23rd at the prestigious Ritz-Carlton in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was a resounding success! Magnet Members enjoyed a dynamic environment that fostered business growth, relationship building, and lasting friendships.

  1. Strategic Networking: Attendees connected with freight and logistics leaders, exploring new partnerships and collaboration opportunities.
  2. Relationship Building: The event provided a platform for members to strengthen existing connections and forge new ones.
  3. Memorable Experiences: Beyond business, Magnet offered engaging activities that fostered a sense of community and camaraderie.


Magnet Meeting 2022:

Our first post-pandemic gathering was a smash hit! From September 3rd-5th, the Hilton Al-Habtoor City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates buzzed with energy as logistics & freight leaders reconnected at Magnet Meet Up 2022.

Spark new partnerships, reignite old friendships, and experience the power of in-person networking!


Magnet Meeting 2019:

Remember the magic of 2019? That’s when Magnet Meetings launched with a bang at the Hilton Al-Habtoor City, Dubai (September 3rd-5th)! It was the first of many incredible gatherings, and it all started with forging lasting friendships.

Beyond Business Cards: Magnet Meetings 2019 wasn’t just about deals and contracts – it was about building connections that went the distance. The event fostered an environment where industry leaders could connect on a personal level, laying the groundwork for strong, trusting partnerships.

Friendship: The Secret Weapon of Success: These friendships became the foundation for a powerful network within the logistics and freight forwarding world. By fostering genuine connections, Magnet Meetings made communication and collaboration easier, ultimately leading to greater success for all involved.

The Legacy Lives On: The spirit of friendship and collaboration continues to be the heart of Magnet Meetings. Stay tuned for updates on Magnet Meet Up 2024, where we’ll reconnect, build new relationships, and create even more magic!

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