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Recognizing the limitations of solely serving the UK market, Managing Director Chadd Blunt finds Magnet’s focus on trusted partnerships and new collaboration channels deeply compelling.

“Magnet offers a platform to broaden our international reach, unlocking unparalleled opportunities,” highlights Blunt. These include direct industry updates from intercontinental peers and knowledge sharing with previously unreachable network members.

Our vision aligns perfectly with Magnet’s mission to amplify its members’ profiles within the international logistics sector. The network’s exclusive membership and open environment for partnerships across the industry resonated deeply with their own values and growth strategy.

“Partnering with international networks is core to our business model,” reaffirms Blunt. “Magnet plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of the industry, and we eagerly anticipate contributing to future events and collaborating.”

This collaboration marks a pivotal step for us, leveraging Magnet’s platform to take flight within a community that shares their vision and values. It’s not just about joining a network; it’s about collaborating for mutual growth and shaping the future of international shipping together. Read More…

Chadd Blunt

United Kingdom

Chadd Blunt

Real Results: Watch How Magnet Makes a Difference to its Members

Mark Wong

Hong Kong

Kenneth Law

Hong Kong

Rowena Yabnez





More Testimonials

Testimonial 8

Khusrau Abbasi – India

“Magnet” is most Vibrant logistics network, I can say this because I am member of quite a few Networks apart being member of “Magnet” for few years now. By joining this network, you won’t regret your decision as opportunities are tremendous.

Testimonial 3

Elif Gizlenci - Turkey

“I deeply appreciate the unwavering support and boundless care extended by your network. Your proficiency in this field is truly commendable”

Testimonial 5

David Rice – USA

It will be good to give you a hug and celebrate our time together. I look forward to meeting more than just once a year.

Testimonial 1

Nana Amoako - Ghana

I’ve seen firsthand the efficiency of this growing Magnet Network which I consider it as One big family indeed.

Testimonial 4

Kenneth Law – Hong Kong

It was truly a remarkable experience to attend Magnet Meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity.

Testimonial 2

Sudhir Gupte – India

“Observably, the volume of cargo requests among Magnet members has notably increased lately. I am confident that in a short span of time, Magnet members will shine bright.”

Testimonial 9

Frédéric SARDA - France

We have been a member of Magnet network for 2 years and had the opportunity to develop business with many Magnet Members. We receive also many sales leads.

Ernest Wang

Ernest Wang - taiwan

Magnet Tech Logistics Hub is still my best support in the global network!

Testimonial 7

Garth Gerber – Singapore

“We have been with Magnet since inception and have watched the network grow. As a whole, the members are very helpful towards each other and do support where they can. The members relation team of Magnet are always willing to help, at all hours of the day and across many time zones. If there is a query with no immediate assistance, they will be sure to find an offer or solution to the problem. As you are aware, all networks require networking and getting to know each other to build trust and support. At its core, Magnet already has a solid and trusted foundation to work off from.”


Ethel - Ghana

MAGNET Logistics Network stands out for its robust global presence, connecting businesses and streamlining supply chains across continents.

The network has provided my company with innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies to optimize logistics operations and ensure efficient transportation of goods.

Joining this network can enhance a company's competitiveness in today's dynamic marketplace. Come and Join our Magnet Family.

Testimonial 6

Rajaram Krishnasamy - India

Further to the below mail in this network we are receiving the following services:
1. We are getting immediate feedback of the new locations if the we are any specific requirements.
2. In this network you can try to solve any assistance or requirements or grievances openly with direct contact with relationship manager and the same will be resolved upfront.

Testimonial 10

Kwark - South Korea

We have been Magnet Members for more than 5 years, and we are receiving many kinds of supporting from this network.

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