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Evolving Logistics: M-pact,
a Powerful Alternative to Traditional C’s Model in Networking



Still Spinning the Wheel of Partner Luck in Logistics?

Imagine consistently reliable partners who deliver – on time, at competitive rates, with seamless collaboration and guaranteed payments. Sounds like a fantasy, right? Unfortunately, finding such partners can feel like playing roulette.
The traditional C’s model (connections, cooperation, cost) often falls short in today’s complex environment. Even worse, according to the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index (LPI) 2023, a significant portion of your shipment journey suffers from delays. On average, it takes containers 44 days to travel from origin to destination, with a staggering 28% of international shipments experiencing delays due to partner-related issues. This means a significant chunk of your shipment time is vulnerable to delays outside your control. (Source: World Bank Databank & LPI 2023)

What if you could eliminate this uncertainty?

Introducing Magnet Tech Logistics Hub – a forward-thinking logistics network powered by our Magnet Revolutionary M-pact approach. We go beyond the C’s model to provide you with a solution that guarantees success:

Collaboration without the chaos:

Our members’ corner and dedicated 24/7 support team streamline communication, freeing your team to core operations and cargo handling. Say goodbye to communication hurdles and hello to seamless collaboration!

Budget-friendly, higher ROI:

Access top-notch networking services at rates that won't break the bank. Our flexible event options and transparent pricing mean you'll achieve optimal results without hidden fees or surprises. No more budget nightmares to networking!

First-of-its-kind, unlimited rewards:

Introducing Magnet Money Maker, our game-changing loyalty program with ZERO LIMITS! The more you work, the more you earn in discounts up to free services. Fuel your networking and partnership endeavors like never before with MAGNET.

Knowledge is your superpower:

Stay ahead of the curve with our expert-curated global logistics news and studies exclusively offered to our Magnet Members. Spot trending opportunities before your competitors, mitigate risks, and unlock profitability.


Membership’s Benefits

Tailored Solutions for Every Need

A master of melting competition, we weave a global logistics network that transcends borders and builds enduring partnerships.

Magnet Exclusive Membership

Gain exclusive access to our network’s directory as the SOLE representative per port type in your country. This ensures maximum business potential, with exceptions made for larger nations.

Magnet Money Insurance

Enjoy the peace of mind offered by our Magnet Money Insurance (MMI), protecting your payment of up to $20,000 annually at no additional cost or need for trust funds.

Magnet-Meet Up

Join our annual conference each year as we come together to connect and collaborate in a budget-friendly environment designed to foster meaningful relationships and opportunities.

Magnet Money Maker

Earn rewards effortlessly with our Magnet Money Maker (3M) program. For every cargo request handled within our alliance, you earn $25 with no limit. Additionally, for every successful referral of new member, you'll receive a generous reward of $100.

Modularized Business Support

Experience Tailored Business Support tailored to your needs with MAGNET. Our comprehensive services encompass designing, marketing campaigns, and business development solutions.

Magnet Market Intelligence

Gain access to our exclusive cutting-edge analysis, reports, and studies offering unparalleled visibility into global trends, empowering you to make decisive and impactful business moves.

Meridian-to-Meridian Support

Get prompt responses to inquiries, requests and seamless communication with our dedicated team, ensuring smooth logistics operations among our Magnet Members.

Magnet Partner’s Discount Privileges

Save big with our Magnet partner network! Enjoy up to 20% off on a variety of services like software, cargo insurance, containers, etc. tailored just for Magnet Members.

Modernized Members' Corner

Access vital information, join discussion forms, connect effortlessly with fellow members and utilize tools to communicate effectively within our Magnet Members' Corner.


M-pact’s Networking Approach

From fragmented networks to a collaborative ecosystem. M-pact prioritizes quality over quantity.


Our Membership’s Criteria:

As the ONLY network accepting freight forwarders with 1+ year experience, we understand the challenges of starting out. But don’t let limited years hold you back. We partner with new companies that demonstrate the expertise, resources, and commitment we require of all members.

Foundational Requirements

Expertise and Verification


Our Membership’s Procedures


Magnet Code of cooperation

Magnet Tech Logistics Hub fosters a network where logistics businesses can thrive through cooperation and shared success. This Code of Cooperation outlines the guiding principles that empower our members and ensure a healthy, productive environment for all.

By adhering to these principles, we can create a dynamic and rewarding collaborative ecosystem for all Magnet members. For a comprehensive understanding of the full terms and conditions, please refer to the Magnet Tech Membership Agreement by clicking here

“We have been with Magnet since inception and have watched the network grow. As a whole, the members are very helpful towards each other and do support where they can. The members relation team of Magnet are always willing to help, at all hours of the day and across many time zones. If there is a query with no immediate assistance, they will be sure to find an offer or solution to the problem. As you are aware, all networks require networking and getting to know each other to build trust and support. At its core, Magnet already has a solid and trusted foundation to work off from.”

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Garth Gerber



At A Glance why

Why choose Magnet Tech Logistics Hub as your long-term network?

Magnet Exclusive Membership

Gain exclusive access to our network’s directory as the SOLE representative per port type in your country among out 65+ covered countries. This ensures maximum business potential, with exceptions made for larger nations.

Budget-Friendly Growth

Magnet offers access to a robust network of trusted partners and valuable resources at competitive rates. Whether membership nor events options, transparent pricing, and an innovative loyalty program (Magnet Money Maker) ensure you maximize your return on investment without breaking the bank.

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